Goodbye, Dad

I buried my father yesterday.

God, I miss him. My dad was/is my hero. My father passed away last Friday, surrounded by his family and friends.

For those that don’t know, my dad has been fighting kidney cancer for the past 5 years, and he fought long and hard, but in the end, God wanted him home.

How and when my dad passed was quite an amazing story.

Thursday night, the 14th, my mom called and said that the nurses were saying he had an hour to two hours left to live. Jessica and I live about an hour and …

Prototype vs. jQuery

Okay, I was wrong. I had at one time mocked jQuery as a the javascript equivalent of PaintShop Pro or Fireworks. Something light, but not something you would use for enterprise level work, and not something that would hold it’s own against Prototype.

I was wrong.

For the past few months, jQuery has been knocking my socks off with it’s awesomeness. Don’t let it’s ease of use fool you. It’s got some heavy duty-ness to it that isn’t fully appreciated. I am now actively pushing it in all of my projects, as well as at work in an enterprise …

Fall 2k6 Design

Well, this will probably be the design into the new year, but I am happy with it. I wanted it to have a bit of a mix of Web2.0, grunge, and Renaissance aesthetic. I think it works, but I’ve been known to be a moron from time to time.

Also, I have finally managed to convert the site over to using Expanse. So what’s that mean? More updates! Believe it or not, for the longest time, I was using an old crusty version of Expanse that is so far from the wonderful product I’ve made that I wouldn’t even call …

Gay Marriage

This issue is a bit more vague, a bit harder to argue, but one that I think should be argued. My main argument against allowing homosexuals to get married is that it adds a plasticity to the definition of marriage, that once followed, cannot logically be stopped.

The argument centers on what should the definition of marriage be? Who should that include? Traditionally marriage has been defined as the union between a man and a woman. The union of two men or two women was not recognized.
However, that definition is being changed, and same sex marriages in many states

Affirmative Action

Well, as can be expected of a white Republican male, I am against affirmative action. But, my opinions on the matter should not be discarded just because of my race, my politics, or my gender. I have a few arguments with affirmative action, in any form, be it quotas, preference, or recognition. We can look at a few of them one by one:

Race-based preferences are unfair.
This is the main complaint against them, and while it may be overdone, it still is a valid argument. Affirmative action was developed originally to level the playing field for minorities in the


Politics, schmolitics. It seems that the more passionate I get about politics, the more angry I get in general, and with people in particular. Politics, at it’s best could be seen as moral application in all it’s pragmatic glory.
At it’s worst, however, it seems to be a refuge for people to espouse evil, and enforce moral restrictions on those to whom it does not apply.

It’s a tough decision, because on the one hand, I think most of us would agree that morality has to come into play. For instance, we do not think murder, theft, rape, etc. should


Nothing shapes my, or anyone else’s life more than what they believe about four important questions. Origin, Morality, Meaning, and Destiny. And I also believe that no matter what one says with their lips, their actions speak volumes more. If you truly believe that you are an animal, that morality is a social convention invented by highly evolved animals, that there is no meaning in this universe for the human race, or for existence itself, and that the destiny of all people is non-existence, then your actions will be colored through and through. To quote Paul Harvey, you will use …

Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is one of those areas where I feel that the support for it has dropped because people have lost the moral courage to do what is right.

I can hear it now “Oh, you think it courageous to have armed guards escort a helpless man, and have him led to a room, strapped down, and murdered by the government?”
Yes I do. Just in the same way that I believe that it takes much more courage and toughness to punish a child, than it does to let them do whatever they want.

There are a few different reasons


Abortion is murder. I know that is an unpopular and sometimes clich├ęd statement in Western society, but nevertheless its true. When someone claims that they believe women have the choice to do what they want with their bodies, I have to agree. But how does that give them rights over another’s body? There is another body inside of hers that she does not have a choice over. The fetus is not part of the mother, but inside the mother. Here is the distinction. I am inside my clothes, I am not part of my clothes. I am inside of a

Don’t forget addEvent!

After reading Dustin’s post about forgetting addEvent, I have to disagree.
Not with the part about using Yahoo’s new Event Utility (that part I DO agree with), the part I disagree with is dropping of the addEvent function.

You see, most folks already have some form of addEvent, with all of the standard params, so why force them to go through their code, and replace addEvent with "YAHOO.util.Event.addListener"?

The easier solution is to take your current addEvent function, and make it a wrapper for the new Yahoo event utility, like so:

function addEvent(el, sType, fn, oScope, bOverride){