Another Day of Heaven

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This was my first Valentines Day gift to my wife, Jessica. I made her this, and then had it printed out at 20 x 30, and mounted on a foamcore and wood backing.

It came out really well, and she was very happy with it, but generally a lot of people dig it, so I’m pleased about that :)

Why Atheism is Stupid, Redux

Okay, so I’ve noticed quite a few responses as of late regarding my original “Why atheism is stupid” post from almost 2 years ago, and since I originally posted it, I’ve come to some realizations, did more studying, and in general revisited my original thesis.

First, let me just say: I originally posted that entry in direct response to a lot of antagonism coming towards religious people from the atheist crowd. Places like Digg, or really any online community populated by techy folks, are rather hostile to anyone who professes any sort of belief in anything supernatural.
The post wasn’t …