UI Phone Home

Aza recently posted about the problem with the home button on many modern touch devices. I empathize with the problem he mentions as I oftentimes find myself nervously hitting the home button when trying to get to the root of my current mental context (which is the application).

However, I can’t say I agree with his proposed solution (and it seems many of the commenters on his post have the same issue with it that I do). The camera model, for me at least, doesn’t really work because I actually find the autofocus button on modern camera’s to be mentally …

Why’s the site so stale?

Hey all, this is one of those protypical posts where a blog author who hasn’t blogged in a long time apologizes profusely, talks about how busy he is, and then promises more activity.
I do have a new site design being worked on, with a bit better layout. Let’s just say that since my last blog post, I’ve been to about 5 different countries, and my work with Liferay has been going better than ever. I currently blog over on the company blog, but I will be doing more stuff here.
What about artwork? Well, it seems I don’t get …

Why Atheism is Stupid, Redux

Okay, so I’ve noticed quite a few responses as of late regarding my original “Why atheism is stupid” post from almost 2 years ago, and since I originally posted it, I’ve come to some realizations, did more studying, and in general revisited my original thesis.

First, let me just say: I originally posted that entry in direct response to a lot of antagonism coming towards religious people from the atheist crowd. Places like Digg, or really any online community populated by techy folks, are rather hostile to anyone who professes any sort of belief in anything supernatural.
The post wasn’t …


A happy person is not a person in a certain set of
circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. —
Hugh Downs

I don’t mean listen to that irritatingly catchy song. If you start a
task happy then you are coming from a position of strength. You’ll feel
more energetic, more calm and be able to handle anything that life
throws your way. People want to be around relaxed, happy people. You’ll have better relationships with friends and co-workers. You will be more aware of the chances and opportunities around you.

I’m not going to …

Microsoft’s Salvation

Well, the title is a tad bit hyperbolic, but here are two ways that I think Microsoft could easily garner some really good will, and perhaps generate some true love for it again.

If done, either of these would make Internet Explorer the darling of web developers and designers out there.
The first way is probably unlikely, but I would give another toe to see it happen:

1. Swap the rendering engine with Gecko
Long term, this makes the most sense for Microsoft. They could very seriously profit from the open source communities hard work if they would drop the …

Wealth is not theft

After reading Ryan’s response, I think the disagreement goes deeper than just between socialism and capitalism, but on economic principles, and even applied rational thought.

As such, I am going to be an anal jerkwad, and pick through his response, both for his edification, as well as my own (and anyone who is reading this). I would love some feedback though, especially if any of my thoughts are illogical.

Point 1: "Economic wealth is theft"
I have to strongly disagree, and I can prove why this is wrong, both from a point of view from Biblical morality, as …

A thought

Even though Ryan hasn’t written back yet, I was thinking over my own post, and it occurs to me that I made a few statements that seem kind of contradictory, and I’d like to clarify those.

The apparently contradictory statements is like this:
It appears that I am against socialism because of the Golden rule, and yet morally okay with imprisonment and even torture in rare circumstances, even though those both violate that rule.

The argument I can anticipate goes something like:
"Since people being able to eat trumps the moral rule of do not steal, it should be okay …

A response

Okay, so Ryan posted his reasons for not agreeing with Bush, and since I think we’re both arguing from the same foundation (that of a Judeo-Christian morality), I figured I could address his issues, and maybe get a good discussion out of this, as well as some clarity.

For those who still contend that morality has no place in politics, the questions still stand.

But let’s get to it:

1. "Bush gives tax breaks to the wealthy and the corporate while increasing taxes and cutting programs for the poor and the weak."

This one SOUNDS like a good …

5 questions

I am asking this not to start some sort of stupid argument, but to truly understand:

Why exactly do most liberal or left-leaning Democrats have a problem with what Bush does on a day to day basis?

What I mean is, why is there so much invective and hate towards the guy?

According to them it’s because of the war in Iraq, the civil liberties at home, etc. But even if all the bad stuff they say about him is true, which I only concede for the sake of this discussion, why do they care?

They’re the same group of …

The ternary

If you’ve been doing PHP or Javascript programming, and you’ve never used the ternary operator then you’re in for a treat.

But if you have used it before, I think I have a tip that will help when using it.

Here it is:

var x = (expression) ? result1 : result2;

Now, what does that say?

Basically, it’s for when you’re assigning variables, you can evaluate an expression, and depending on the result, it will give you multiple results.

It’s basically equivalent to this:

var x;
if (expression) {
    x = result1;
} else {
    x = result2;…