The problem with the idea of Karma, in my humble opinion, is this:

Supposedly, you’re on this cyclical journey, spiraling ever closer to the nebulous and dilutive rejoining of spirit to "Eternal force", and you’re successive lives depend upon the actions that you’ve done in your current life.

However, here’s the problem:
Joe is a jerk in his current life. He takes advantage of people, cares only for himself, and is an all around a-hole.
So in his next life, he comes back as a dog.
So, his new owners, if they’re good people, treat him well, teach him tricks, …

Why morality is important in politics

Jim: "I think we should have nationalized healthcare, so that those who can’t afford it can still get access to it"
Bob: "Why should I care about those who can’t afford it?"
Jim: "Because you may one day be in a position where you need it and can’t afford it."
Bob: "Well, I can save up for my future expenses, so I won’t need it"
Jim: "Yeah, but not everyone has that opportunity"
Bob: "And again, why should I care about them?"
Jim: "Because it’s the moral thing to do"
Bob: "Moral for …

Refactoring Asterik

Okay, so one of my favorite studios, Asterik, has a pretty snazzy website. It’s very grid based, which is probably why they chose to design it based upon tables.

However, it’s a little sad to see such a cutting edge firm using such 1997 HTML techniques to markup their page, when in the span of literally 2-3 hours, they could have a semantic, cleanly coded, HTML/CSS solution.

So, here I provide proof that it’s possible in only 2-3 hours.

Asterik – a CSS based implementation.
While it’s not 100% to the pixel accurate, it’s probably around 97% there. …

Reinvigorate is BACK!

Well, in beta, at least.

This is so freakin cool. For those that don’t remember, but Reinvigorate was the coolest stats package a few years ago, and it was 100% free.

Due to hosting issues (Acta Divina went under), Sean took it down, and has spent the past 2 and a half years perfecting it, and now I have been offered the Beta Registration (and of course I have taken him up on it :D).

On a more personal note, let me just say how brilliant Sean is. This is a dude who not only has a GREAT eye for …

Prayer and Science

Well, it seems as of late I have been reading quite a bit about so-called "empirical" minds criticizing prayer for it’s lack of scientific efficacy.
To be honest, it’s a bit misleading, IMO.

Here is the problem. Prayer is, at it’s simplest, a request. It is not necessarily a request made of a deity, but that is the word we have colloquially attributed to asking God for things.

But, and this is important, it is a request.

Is ANY request scientifically verifiable?

Whenever someone claims that a prayer has been answered, there is always some schmo who says "Well, that …

Namespacing Prototype

While I am pretty much now a jQuery fanboy, Prototype still has a foothold in the web, and many people still want/need to use it.

Lately, at work I have been having to provide developer access to both Prototype and jQuery.

As another proof of jQuery’s awesomeness, John went ahead and namespaced jQuery’s code base. What this means is that you can very easily avoid conflicts with other libraries.
Yahoo does this with YUI (and while kudos to them for doing it, I am going to post later on why I loathe the way they do it).
However, Prototype, it …

Why atheism is stupid

Just a quick post to explain why atheism is actually stupid, and requires as much faith, if not much more, to be an atheist.

All atheists posit what’s called a universal negative. A universal negative requires absolute knowledge (omniscience) whereas a universal positive may not require that.

For instance, let’s say I am in a building with 4 rooms, and I have only been in 1 room. In order to say that every room is empty, I would have to have knowledge of all 4 rooms. I would need to know the entirety of what I am claiming to know.…

Goodbye, Dad

I buried my father yesterday.

God, I miss him. My dad was/is my hero. My father passed away last Friday, surrounded by his family and friends.

For those that don’t know, my dad has been fighting kidney cancer for the past 5 years, and he fought long and hard, but in the end, God wanted him home.

How and when my dad passed was quite an amazing story.

Thursday night, the 14th, my mom called and said that the nurses were saying he had an hour to two hours left to live. Jessica and I live about an hour and …

Prototype vs. jQuery

Okay, I was wrong. I had at one time mocked jQuery as a the javascript equivalent of PaintShop Pro or Fireworks. Something light, but not something you would use for enterprise level work, and not something that would hold it’s own against Prototype.

I was wrong.

For the past few months, jQuery has been knocking my socks off with it’s awesomeness. Don’t let it’s ease of use fool you. It’s got some heavy duty-ness to it that isn’t fully appreciated. I am now actively pushing it in all of my projects, as well as at work in an enterprise …

Fall 2k6 Design

Well, this will probably be the design into the new year, but I am happy with it. I wanted it to have a bit of a mix of Web2.0, grunge, and Renaissance aesthetic. I think it works, but I’ve been known to be a moron from time to time.

Also, I have finally managed to convert the site over to using Expanse. So what’s that mean? More updates! Believe it or not, for the longest time, I was using an old crusty version of Expanse that is so far from the wonderful product I’ve made that I wouldn’t even call …