Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is one of those areas where I feel that the support for it has dropped because people have lost the moral courage to do what is right.

I can hear it now “Oh, you think it courageous to have armed guards escort a helpless man, and have him led to a room, strapped down, and murdered by the government?”
Yes I do. Just in the same way that I believe that it takes much more courage and toughness to punish a child, than it does to let them do whatever they want.

There are a few different reasons why I believe that capital punishment is necessary. For one, its biblical. Too often people try to argue that in the Bible that it says “Thou shall not kill”. That is not quite right.
In Hebrew, the word used in the Ten Commandments is ratsakh, which refers only to illegal killing, i.e. premeditated murder or manslaughter. In the Jewish Mishnah, has been written this: “Why was only one man (Adam) created by God? � to teach that whoever takes a single life destroys thereby a whole world.”
Life is so sacred to God, that the only punishment that is just is to take the offenders life. Also, many Christians seem to be against capital punishment, solely because it was written in the Old Testament, and somehow it shouldn’t apply. But Gods command to Noah came in Genesis 9:6. It was a law predating Mosaic covenant, and was not part of the ceremonial aspect of the law. Christ did not abolish the Old Testament, but fulfilled the Law, meaning that the ceremony, the sacrifice, and our sin were done away with. That doesn’t mean he abolished the Ten Commandments, or His moral will.

I am also for capital punishment because it is the only just response to murder. Imagine that your neighbor steals your car, and gets to keep his. How is that just? The same thing with murder. It is unjust that when one person takes the life of another, they should be allowed to enjoy what they have deprived someone else of. How is that just?

Also, capital punishment is a deterrent. Some will say no, its not, but I like Ernest Van De Haag’s idea. Lets punish murders done on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with capital punishment, and the rest of the week we will punish it with life in prison. What days do you think murders are going to go down?

Lastly, capital punishment is NOT about revenge. I don’t believe in revenge, and I think when we execute someone, we should do so sadly, and not out of anger or spite. It is a duty we do because its just, not because we are sadists who enjoy the murder of other. That is why I am for making executions as painless and quick as possible. We are taking someone’s life. We shouldn’t celebrate that. We should mourn the need to.

Basically, your stance on capital punishment speaks about how you value human life. Do you think it something that is so violent and despicable of a crime, that the punishment must fit the crime? Or do you think that one person dead really isn’t all that big of a deal?

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