Nothing shapes my, or anyone else’s life more than what they believe about four important questions. Origin, Morality, Meaning, and Destiny. And I also believe that no matter what one says with their lips, their actions speak volumes more. If you truly believe that you are an animal, that morality is a social convention invented by highly evolved animals, that there is no meaning in this universe for the human race, or for existence itself, and that the destiny of all people is non-existence, then your actions will be colored through and through. To quote Paul Harvey, you will use people and love things, instead of vice versa. You will not care about such matters as honesty, integrity, purity, or holiness.

However, if you believe that man was created by God, that morality is a reflection of His will for the conduct of people, that our meaning has its only context in Him, and our destiny is one we choose, freely, between Him and everything not Him, then those beliefs should determine how you act.

Granted, I do allow the exceptions. We are not strictly rational creatures. Sometimes, we know what is true, and yet our actions are colored by how we feel. We know a certain girl is trouble, who will bring us more pain than pleasure, and be a constant thorn in our side, until we are around her. Then, all we feel is the emotion.

Or there is simply moral weakness. Sin is pleasurable. No one denies that. Sin must have pleasure, in order to snare us. But pleasure was God’s invention. But, because God is orderly, He has set rules which instruct us on when and how certain pleasures are permissible. Just as medicine generally has a beneficial effect, not all medicines are good, and many are sometimes bad.

Now, of course, one must agree with theism in order to even agree with the above. But atheism isn’t a choice we have, if we intend to remain logical and honest.

If there is no God, then where did everything come from? Yes, that is an age old question, and seemingly, there is a problem. If the universe came from God, then where did God come from. Who created the Creator?

If we, however, actually look at the logic of the question, we can see where that child’s riddle falls apart. We all know the relationship between cause and effect. Every effect must have a cause before it. This is one of the basic rules of the universe. But, just because it is one of the rules by which we live and exist, does it follow that God must follow those rules? Is that not like asking if God is subject to gravity, or digestion, or any other natural law or order.

Or another example. You watch a football game. This game has players, a field, and entire environment, and it is, for all intents and purposes, a system. Now, you are outside of this system. Do you have to follow its rules? If you get up, walk to your refrigerator, grab a can of soda, and sit down, are you now in violation of any of the rules of football? Of course not.

The same way with God. He created the universe apart from Himself. He is not part of the system, but outside of it. He, however, created physical rules by which all things inside the system are subject. He does not have to have a cause, because the very notion of cause and effect, the rule of it, is limited to within our system.

Now, however, if an atheist says, that the earth has always existed, they do not have a logical escape from that question. They must show how a system which is based on cause and effect had no cause, but all effect. They move the problem they face of a self existent God to a self existent universe. The problem however is that a self existent God is above the universe, while a self existent universe must be subject to its own laws.

Lets branch off a bit. Perhaps you believe in a god, just not the God of Judeo-Christian faith, or perhaps you believe in God, but you cant swallow that Jesus is the only way to salvation or that Jesus was God. I, however, do, and am willing to try to prove it. So here we go.

Jesus Christ existed. That much is certain. His life has been proven, and we find non-biblical references to him in a few places. Not even serious atheists question the existence of Christ.
Second, Jesus Christ claimed to be God. All throughout the Bible (and the Talmud) Jesus claimed to be God. That’s why they killed him. For blasphemy.

Third, Jesus rose from the dead. This one is a bit harder to swallow for most people. Many people just don’t believe that ANY miracles are possible. Some don’t believe that this miracle happened. So lets look at it.
If you don’t believe any miracles are possible, then that is a separate issue. If you believe God exists, you must believe in miracles, because if God is omnipotent, then he can work around the rules of nature.
If you believe that this miracle didn’t happen, then you are on much less secure ground.

First of all, we know that the body was not in the tomb. If Jesus body was still in the tomb, the High Priest and Jesus’ other enemies would have said so. Instead they claimed that the disciples stole the body. Now that statement is a bit hard to swallow. We are to believe that a few Palestinian peasants and fishermen overcame a group of highly trained Roman soldiers?
But if they DID take Jesus body, that means that they lied about Christ rising from the dead. This again makes no sense. They didn’t gain anything by lying. What they DID get was imprisoned, killed, harassed and persecuted. And not once did any one of them recant, or say it was all a lie.

Something happened to make 12 frightened and terrified fishermen and peasants into fearless preachers who faced their own deaths with peace.

Now, some of you believe that the Bible is unreliable, that it has been changed, and errors have crept in. If that is the case, where is the original version? You can only say something is changed if you know the state of the original. So where is it? And what did it say?
In fact, you cant answer that, because most people who claim this only do so because things in the text bother them, so the say it HAD to have been changed. But did it? Is it possible that when the writers say they saw Jesus raised from the dead, that they meant it? Is it possible that they in fact DID say it?
Its not only possible, but probable.

We have more textual evidence for the accuracy of the Bible than we do for the works of Plato.
The Bible, by far, has the most archeological support and textual backing than any other ancient book.

In conclusion, I would like to say this: I am not an apologist, or a theologian. I have no formal training or schooling in either area. As such, I refer you to the following books, because people much wiser and smarter than me argue the subject much more powerfully.

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
The Case For Faith by Lee Strobel
Resurrection by Hank Hanegraaf
Between Heaven and Hell by Peter Kreeft

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  1. tbonekkt

    Sagi…SQL guru?  Have you been smokin' again?

  2. Rohan

    A good insight to your thoughts on christianity/religion. I am too a believer of christ & attend The Salvation Army.

    I enjoyed reading your article/thoughts.


  3. Brenton

    I have read two of the four books you referred to and can vouch for the rationality of the evidence they present. Of course, I am also not formally trained and am far from an expert, but I like to think I am capable of basic logical thought.

    I found your explanation of the cause-effect rule and the resulting trap that athiests unwittingly set for themselves very clear. Thank you for the sound reassurance.

    As for miracles in general, and other accounts of limbs growing back and human bodies rising from the dead (in a non-zombie way), I have heard personal accounts from trusted friends on some of these occurences. Unfortunately I haven't witnessed them first-hand, and have only experienced a few things I would define as positively supernatural intervention from a graceful God. But those experiences are very real and personal to me, and one would have a very difficult time in explaining them away.

  4. Gegi

    Jesus never claimed to be GOD, he always refer to GOD as his father, Jesus always put himself lower then God the father. Jesus was sent to teach us humility and love , To hate the sin but love the sinner. There are so many scriptures that prove this. That is not to say that Jesus is not powerful. But Lets face it. Had Jesus been the ALMIGHTY FATHER GOD, How would Satan have been in the position to offer Jesus the earthly realm if he just would whorship him? If Jesus had been God the father of all creation, would not that have been his already? Man made doctrines have cause many confessions in many religions . But if we look at the very core and compare religions we find that we have more in common then we know.

  5. Gegi

    Don't get me wrong, I believe that he is sitting on the throne at the right hand of GOD the Father . Proving himself faithful and worthy to do so. Just as it was promised.

  6. Felix

    I have long question how God cam to exist. The idea that he exists outside the law of cause and effect is very interesting.

  7. Brad

    I do not believe in god. I am however quite certain that man is not an animal and that he is an eternal being which has been living for trillions of years. We use bodies to operate in the physical universe here on earth, but we are not those bodies. They are just meat and nerve endings. Next lifetime, you will pick up another one and it will die, and so the cycle goes. There is another universe. The SPIRITUAL universe. This is our native home and we are all searching for a way to escape this endless cycle of life and death. I have found the way. Have you?

  8. Nate Cavanaugh


    Unfortunately, Jesus was crucified for claiming to be God.

    He forgave sins (only God can forgive sins), He said "Before Abraham was, I AM", which is why the Jews tore their clothes and said he was blaspheming. He was using God's holy name, which every Jew was forbidden from saying, because by saying it, you claim to be God. Also, John 1:1 states that Jesus was and is God.


    Meat and nerve endings? Sounds like a great way for a dictator to address his constituents. Oh what moral flexibility could be had if only we viewed people in such wonderful ways, huh?

    Either way, the question is this: why do you believe what you do, and is it true?

  9. nancy

    Origin, Morality, Meaning, and Destinyï¼

  10. Jacob Lichner

    So, Jesus is God, it's clear, it's evident, there's no denying itâ

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